VRF (Variable Refrigerant Flow) Systems
    VRF technology using electronically commutated motors, inverter-driven scroll compressors, multiple compressors, versatile configurations, and complex refrigerant and oil circuitry, returns, and controls, can permit as many as 128 indoor units to operate off one outdoor unit!

    Variable refrigerant flow benefits from the advantages of direct expansion linked to inverter control and the most sophisticated electronic control. This technology has many advantages, from the system design to the installation and operation phase.

    The wide range of indoor units makes VRF the most flexible choice to satisfy any building requirement. 3-pipe VRF systems even allow the simultaneous cooling and heating operations in different rooms.
    Mitsubishi Heavy Industries KX Series VRF systems
    Mitsubishi Heavy Industries has combined simplicity of installation with highly sophisticated Superlink control system, to offer building owners and occupiers a comprehensive control and management system. Superlink - is an advanced high speed data transmission system that can connect up to 128 indoor units and 32 outdoor units as a network.  

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    + Multi System
    + Refrigerated Ducted System

    + Ceiling Cassette
    + Large Split Ducted System
    + Rooftop Packaged Unit
    + VRF System
    + Fresh Air Economy Cycle

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