Fresh Air Economy Cycle    
    Is Economy Cycle a new idea?
    Economy Cycle systems have been used extensively in commercial air conditioning for years. Commercial buildings use economy cycle systems to reduce their air conditioning cost and improve their air quality.
    We have developed an Economy Cycle system specifi cally for residential use.

    What is Economy Cycle?
    Economy Cycle is a simple system that is installed as part of your ducted air conditioning. It requires an external fresh air vent, an Economy Cycle damper box in the roof space, a small amount of additional ductwork and a modifi cation to your air conditioning control system.

    Why does it save money?
    The Economy Cycle reduces energy use by up to 70%* by turning off the outdoor unit and using only the air distribution fans.

    + Single System
    + Multi System
    + Refrigerated Ducted System

    + Ceiling Cassette
    + Large Split Ducted System
    + Rooftop Packaged Unit
    + VRF System
    + Fresh Air Economy Cycle

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